Amcal Pharmacy are very excited to welcome popular local Naturopath Juan Jose Polit (“JJ” for short) who has joined the team.

JJ is a university Qualified Naturopath. He holds a Bachelor Health Science Degree in Naturopathy from UNE.  He brings a wealth of experience, having worked in the Natural Health industry for more than 15 years. During this time, JJ has helped hundreds of people regain their health and vitality.

JJ believes that integrating conventional and traditional medicine is imperative to be able to provide the best care for individuals. He lives and breathes what he practices and he is a great example of the zest and vitality that he strives to help others to find in their own lives.

If you are unsure about how JJ can help you, please book a free 15 minute discovery call where you will have a chat with him and find out if he can support you with your current health issue.

Book your discovery call or appointment here.